Network and Server Administration
Need a reliable network architecture and consistency in your server operations?  PARS Computing llc.  provides remote and in-home reliable and dependable network and server administration services.  We will make sure that your equipment is at its optimal performance with routine diagnostics and updates.  Support is  implemented through e-mail, phone, VPN, and on-site personnel.  We will provide solutions to your day to day functionality needs and support requests while also performing other more advanced support procedures such as server updates and Data backup management.  Services are performed on a contractual basis and are based on the needs of your business or organization.    
Our role as your systems administrator:
  • Setup and maintenance of user accounts
  • System maintenance (hardware and software)
  • Verification of proper peripherals functionality
  • Quickly arrange repair for hardware in occasion of hardware failure
  • Monitoring of system performance 
  • Creation of file systems
  • Software installations
  • Implementation of backup and recovery policies
  • Monitoring of network communications
  • Routine software and application updates to make sure latest version of OS and other application software are being utilized
  • Policies Implementation for the use of computer system and network
  • Setup of security policies for users.
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