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Payment, refund and replacement policies

Below you will find our current payment and refund / replacement policy. Please read it carefully as this is the official policy in force as of 01/01/2012. The policy listed below supersedes any other written document you may have received prior to today's date. If you have any questions or comments about this policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Current Payment Policy

Effective immediately, the following payment policy MUST be adhered to. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, ALL PARS Computing llc CLIENTS MUST READ, UNDERSTAND AND ADHERE TO THIS POLICY except by other written arrangements approved by PARS Computing llc. Any payment made without regard to this payment policy will be charged a service charge of $ 50 . Late charges apply (see below).

Our typical policy is to collect payment on the date of service when we visit your office to provide a service or deliver products.

If you are NOT on an annual-plan with PARS Computing llc and you purchase any products and/or services from us, and we visit your office to install products and/or provide services, you MUST pay the technician the full amount due for said products and services in cash or by check BEFORE THE TECHNICIAN LEAVES YOUR OFFICE. The technician will ask if payment is available before starting work. IF PAYMENT IS NOT AVAILABLE THAT VISIT, THE TECHNICIAN WILL NOT INSTALL PRODUCTS AND/OR PROVIDE SERVICES DURING THAT VISIT AND YOU WILL BE CHARGED A VISIT FEE AND MILEAGE CHARGES. Late charges apply (see below).

If you are on an annual-plan, and you purchase any products and/or services from us that are not covered by the annual-plan, and we visit your office to install these non-covered products and/or provide non-covered services, you may pay the technician the full amount due for said products and services in cash, credit or by check before the technician leaves your office. If you do not pay in full before the technician leaves the office, we will bill you for non-covered products and services. Late charges apply (see below).

In the case of software ordered online and delivered by Internet, e-mail or postal mail, and services rendered remotely by internet or phone, payment MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE PRODUCT IS DELIVERED TO YOU OR SERVICES ARE RENDERED.

If you are NOT on an annual-plan, and we come to your office to update a qualified product you previously purchased from PARS Computing llc, you will not be charged the full cost of labor, however you will be charged minimum maintenance fee. Late charges apply (see below). 

If, for any reason, we send an invoice to you for any products or services, regardless if you are on an annual-plan or not, payment must be sent within 30 business days of your receipt of the invoice, unless other PARS Computing llc-approved arrangements have been made ahead of time. Late charges apply (see below).

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We prefer to work payment issues out in a positive way and we try not to resort to sending payments to collections or small-claims unless we have no recourse.

Current Refund / Replacement Policy

ALL software and support package sales (including annual-plans) are final. We do not offer refunds on software or support packages at this time unless otherwise agreed by in advanced written documentation at the discretion of PARS Computing llc  

If the software or service you purchased from us is not meeting your needs, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to add the features you want or to correct any perceived issues with the software or service. 

If you are dissatisfied with the level of support you are receiving from us after purchasing one of our support packages, please contact us with your concerns so that we can address this issue immediately. We value you as a client and strive for your satisfaction.

ALL payments such as invoices, visit fees and service charges described in the above policy MUST BE RECEIVED BY PARS Computing llc within 30 business days of the date we visited your office (or within 30 business days from the day you received an invoice) or late fees in the amount of $ 50 will be charged for every business day your payment is late. This applies to ALL clients, without exception.

Non-payment may result in your account being sent to collections, your credit standing with us being downgraded and possible litigation to recover payment. If you have questions or concerns, or you feel that you have been charged incorrectly, please contact us IMMEDIATELY so that we can work together to find a solution.